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Turkish Cultural Center NJ is organizing a Blood Drive

Why Donate Blood?

– There is no substitute for blood. The community supply depends on people like you.

– Right now, not enough people donate blood. Only 4 people out of 100 who are able to donate blood do so.
The blood supply needs to be replenished constantly. Blood products have a short shelf life, from 5 to 42 days.

– Blood is in constant demand for accident victims, surgery and cancer patients and more.

– Any one between the ages of 17 to 76, in good health and weighing at least 110lbs. can donate. Healthy individuals over 76 can donate with written permission from their physicians that has the blood drive date and within two weeks of the date.

– It is perfectly safe to donate more than once a year. You can donate every 56 days. That’s up to 6 times per year.

– When you donate, you get a mini-examination, including a blood pressure reading, iron count, temperature and pulse check.

– It takes about 10 to 12 minutes to donate but allow one hour for the whole process. Bring I.D with signature and know your social security number.

– It is absolutely safe to donate blood. You cannot get any disease from donating blood. All materials used to collect a pint of blood are new and un-used, sterile and disposable. They are used only once for your donation.

– Know that you gave “The Gift of Life” and those who receive that gift will be forever grateful.