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Turkish Cultural Center Bergen Women Club Cooking Class

Two more sessions remaining on Turkish Cultural Center Bergen Women Club  Cooking Class. First three sessions attendees had a wonderful environment with lots of delicious food that first weeks menu included Turkish Baklava, Lahmacun (Turkish Meat Pie), Turkish Manti, Shekerpare, Lentil Soup, Kadaif with Pistachio and more.

We would like to share comments from our classes:

I just returned home from my first Turkish cooking class.  What a wonderful evening I had!  The ladies were very friendly and hospitable.  They made me feel very welcome.  The food was delicious.  I enjoyed trying to roll the dough very thin for the baklava.  The table was set so beautifully, too.  I enjoyed myself so much that I would like to register for the remaining four classes.
I felt like I travelled to Turkey today without having to pack a suitcase or take a long airplane flight!
The enticing flavors of tonight’s menu along with the warm hospitality of the women made for another lovely evening.
I would like to register for the remaining three cooking classes.
Thank you very much
I loved the Turkish cooking class. The ladies were wonderful. I learned to cook three tasty and easy dishes.
The host welcomed us to her home with great warmth.
I looked forward to attending another class next Wednesday. Is it possible?
A plate of warm, delicious manti was perfect on a cold and snowy Wednesday evening.  I enjoyed another delightful cooking class.  The instructors are so kind and generous.
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