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TCCNJ Mentoring Program

Our mission is to build strong moral values, social capital, academic success, and leadership capabilities for students of the future generation. Through mentorship programs, educational seminars and hands-on volunteering experiences, we not only aim to develop social and moral flourishment for the students to feel personal growth but also prepare them academically for the future. With the right kind of support, all students, we provide services for, can reach their fullest potential. We are here to provide that support. TCCNJ Educational Services is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, moral values and character development, and scientific purposes. The purpose of the corporation is two-fold:

  1. Providing educational services to the youth to support the development of their academic and social capitals. These services will be including, but not limited to, after school programs, weekend school programs, mentoring programs and educational support programs.
  1. Providing educational consulting services to nonprofit organizations performing similar educational activities of our corporation.

TCCNJ Educational Services Mentoring Program is a group mentoring program where one mentor is assigned to a group of students. The main goal of the mentoring program is threefold. First of all, mentees are expected to acquire universal moral values within the Mentoring Program. These moral values will be both instructed and demonstrated in practice by the mentor to the mentees.

Secondly, Social Capital Building is one of the most important goals of the program. Prioritizing the needs of the community and others instead of individuals is of importance. The Mentoring Program will address the needs of the community and orient the mentees to think about and propose solutions for social problems of local and global communities. Finally, Academic Success is another crucial goal of the Mentoring Program.

The mentees will be in a close age group and school grade. The mentors will be young adults who will be a good role model to the mentees. Mentoring program includes Winter and Summer Leadership camps, expedition and exploration programs as trips, visits to national and historical sites. Students will actively be involved in the community and voluntary activities.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact TCCNJ.