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Ramadan Iftar Dinner with a Family 2018

Dear Friends,

As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches we would like to invite you to attend an Iftar (fast breaking) Dinner with local Turkish-American host families around New Jersey area.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast by abstaining from consuming water or food while the sun is out. Iftar – or fast breaking – dinners take place each night once the sun sets. This is an important time not only for those who participate in Ramadan because of their faith but also an important time for us to share our tradition with our friends from different backgrounds over delicious food and through lively conversation. It is truly a special time when people of all backgrounds come together and share in the Iftar experience, learning about different cultures and faiths in the process.

Even though we are a non-religious organization, over 90% of Turks are Muslim and we thus host Iftar dinners every year for the community during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan. If you attended our Iftar dinners in previous years, you are more than welcome to join us once again, we are more than happy to have you.

We thus very much hope to be able to host you and look forward to hearing back from you! Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks and warm regards,

Turkish Cultural Center NJ

P.S. We urge our guests to arrive one hour before the dinner/sunset time to meet with other guests. Since other professionals and community leaders from New Jersey area may join the dinner, it is a great opportunity to meet with people from different backgrounds before the dinner. This is also convenient for our guests who would like to leave right after the dinner.

If you have any food restrictions, please let us know. The family would be glad to prepare something just for you.

Some host families might request from you to take your shoes off before entering their homes. This is a tradition practiced by many communities, especially in Asia. In those instances, slippers or house-shoes will be provided.

Information about the host family, their address, phone number and professional affiliation will be shared with you as soon as we finalize the family matching process.