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Istanbul Night

“If the Earth were a single state, Constantinople would be its capital.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Istanbul is a metropolis proud of its rich heritage of being the capital of four empires (Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman) throughout its 8500-year past. And it was our coffee night’s theme last night, Sat. Feb. 2nd.

The night started with delicious appetizers prepared and served by our Women’s Association. Surprise of the night was not only raffles but Simit,Turkish Bagel with sesame seeds. A special video presentation introducing simit and its importance in Turkish daily life shown and simits served“oven fresh; gevrek” to our guests for the night.

The theme of the night; Istanbul presented by Mustafa Bayram. In his presentation Mr. Bayram talked about Istanbul‘s rich heritage and background with a rich multimedia and his own experience. Istanbul was seen and for some still as seen as the capitol of the world because of its prime position as a natural gateway spanning the European and Asian continents divided by the Bosphorus Straits. Nowadays Istanbul is an ultimate metropolis with with over 39 districts. The natural beauty of the city, exciting scenery of Bosphorus, its blend of modernity and history all combine to make Istanbul a distinct meeting place for international congresses and meetings. Istanbul has always been the center of Turkey’s and the region’s economic life because of its location as a crossroads of international land, sea and air trade routes .

The night is ended with a beautiful concert performed by Imran Baysal. He informed audience about his special instrument “Kanun” a traditional string instrument and played a live performance by creating best impression for an unforgettable night.

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