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As the TCC Weekend school teachers we have organized a fundraising program with our students and their parents to raise awareness for the victims of Sandy. Prior to our program, our teachers have thoroughly explained to them about the importance of helping others who were affected by the hurricane. Our program consisted of a bake sale table and a donation table. Our students brought in their own toys, clothes, and money to donate and brought in baked goodies to fundraise in the bake sale.

Some students that have donated from their allowances are:

Yasemin Ugurlu – $20
Elif Fidan – $2
Sarp Can – $23
Ceylin Akin – $28
Leyla Kendirkiran – $50
Hilal Yilmaz – $5
Nihal Yilmaz – $3
Eda Tuncer- $10

Some students that have donated their clothes and toys are:

Mete Ozcan – Stuffed Animals
Emir Uranli – Pillow Pet $ Shoes
Tarik Gulen – Cars and toy truck
Hatice Aydin – Clothes
Sarp Can – Clothes

The total amount of fundraising was:

Bake Sale – $94
Money Donation – $213

With the efforts of our students, teachers, and parents a total of $307 was successfully raised for our friends that have been affected by the hurricane Sandy.